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Ethnic Lamas: Folk Capital of the Peruvian Amazon

It is the Folkloric capital of the Peruvian Amazon and the main ethnic center is populated Kechwa Wuayku Minor, which is close to the urban area of ​​Lamas. In the neighborhood of Wayku is a large group of descendants of the Pocras and Hanan Chanca which still retain the lamista Kechwa language.


Road Tropical Huacamaillo: Quebrada that feeds the river Cumbaza

Formed by a creek that feeds the river Cumbaza, one of the tributaries of the Mayo River. It is a very clear water cascade between the lush vegetation. Is reached by walking from the town of San Antonio de Cumbaza Cumbaza along the banks of the river, for about 45 minutes has a drop of 20 m in height.

Alto Mayo-pueblo-patrimonio

Alto Mayo Natural: The most exciting of the natural forest

Alto Mayo has its charm and mystery, and our visitors can discover in it the most exciting of the natural forest.


Sauce Laguna Azul: Bello water surface of 350 ha

The ride to the lagoon must cross the Huallaga river and the approximate time is 45 minutes, the tour offers visitors the diversity of its landscape and the possibility of a walk around the lake surrounded by mountains full of vegetation.

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